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     Import and Distribute equipment in RaiOn brand, good quality products along with worthwhile price.

     We aim to be the leading brand in Thailand. With a wide variety of swimming pool products and services to meet modern lifestyle while able to fully meet all the needs of the swimming pool customer by the corporate value

“ Convenient services, Easy to access, Durable products and Great value for a fair price ”

      We are happy to serve you and ready to give advice in every aspect of the pool work. If you have a wish to know details about swimming pool equipment products. You can inquire with us or through dealers across all regions of Thailand. With experience, expertise in swimming pool systems in the past. We are committed to serving our customers in all aspects, both before and after the sale. To give the best in your pool
Outstanding technology! Outstanding water! Outstanding fun factor! Say goodbye to unattractive limescale deposits



      How does a water circulation system work? What pool types are available? What do metering pumps do? At the end of the day, you are only looking for one thing: clean, clear pool water at a pleasant temperature. And you'll want clever, easy-to-operate and smooth-running technology and clear operating costs.       Changing the pH or temperature of natural water may result in deposits. Visible deposits, in the form of unattractive limescale, may form on pipework, pool walls, heat exchangers, attraction walls, springs and steam generators. These deposits may result in local mechanical or thermal loads, which may sooner or later cause system components to fail.
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